How we manage our mental energy and how the mental economy is managed in companies and societies are often overlooked. As an executive coach, I have a question for you to reflect upon and some techniques that can boost you and your organisation. Join me for an experience designed to inspire and ignite through inspirational speeches and good food!

You are invited:

The Executive Boost Event hosted together by Top Chef, Henrik Jyrk and me.

Where: at Henrik Jyrk’s restaurant – Ibu on Vesterbrogade 56
When: October 8th at 16.00 – 17.30
RSVP: Purchase your Executive Boost Event tickets here. Bring a colleague or business partner. The event is in English.

The Executive Boost Event programme

  • 16.00 – Welcome
  • Clear or Hooked? Inspirational speech by Executive Coach, Josefine Campbell, on managing personal and professional energy
  • Food boost. How you can use food to boost energy and recharge your batteries by Top Chef Henrik Jyrk.
  • Serving energy-boosting food
  • Networking
  • 17.30 – End of programme. You are welcome to stay and can book a table for dinner.

In this video, Henrik and I share a bit about what we are planning for you.

You might know Henrik as the TV chef from Go’ Morgen Danmark or from his previous restaurant, KUL, that received a Michelin star. This event takes place at his present restaurant, Ibu that specialises in Asian fusion, located on Vesterbrogade 56 in Copenhagen.

IBU Copenhagen
Ibu Copenhagen

Also, I mentioned earlier that I had a question for you…

The question is, am I hooked or am I clear?

Am I hooked or am I clear? This is an intelligent question to ask oneself from time to time, especially when under pressure, lacking sleep or when your nutrition or diet is poor. Whenever you experience fatigue or stress, the more sophisticated parts of the brain become vulnerable and can get hijacked by the primitive, yet powerful reptilian brain. When the reptilian brain takes over it ignites the oversimplified responses of fight, flight or freeze. This can be disguised in emotions and thoughts that we automatically identify with.

The cost? Bad decisions, which can lead to bad results or bad relationships. The most powerful leaders and top athletes, it happens to us all. Sometimes we are too low on mental bandwidth or energy, and our brain gets hooked. Once it is hooked, that counter-productive internal dialogue can take over. How to counter this? You can read more on this topic from my article on agility.

“It doesn’t happen to me”, some might say. But, what about your people? And, what is the cost for you on that account?

Harvard Published author, Susan David writes,

Leaders stumble not because they have undesirable thoughts and feelings—that’s inevitable—but because they get hooked by them, like fish caught on a line. This happens in one of two ways. They buy into the thoughts, treating them like facts (It was the same in my last job…I’ve been a failure my whole career), and avoid situations that evoke them (I’m not going to take on that new challenge). Or, usually at the behest of their supporters, they challenge the existence of the thoughts and try to rationalize them away (I shouldn’t have thoughts like this…I know I’m not a total failure), and perhaps force themselves into similar situations, even when those go against their core values and goals (Take on that new assignment—you’ve got to get over this). In either case, they are paying too much attention to their internal chatter and allowing it to sap important cognitive resources that could be put to better use.

David, S. & Congleton, C. (2013) Managing Yourself – Emotional Agility. Harvard Business Review. Available from: https://hbr.org/2013/11/emotional-agility

Learn more at the Executive Boost Event. I hope to see you there.

Tickets can be purchased here.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write to me at hello@josefinecampbell.com.

I have a natural ability to see the potential in people. Somehow, we are all like uncut diamonds. Executive coaching can accelerate leadership and talent development. Business results, leadership and the manager’s personal strengths and challenges are largely linked. Therefore, executive coaching is effective in creating results in the company.

I am very grateful for what I received, and it helped me to clarify the opportunities I have and how I really feel about them. It has helped me pursue some things with more focus and put others at a lower priority.

David Gram, Senior Innovation Director, LEGO Group

Josefine Campbell mainly works for global corporations such as Novo Nordisk and The Carlsberg Group. Read more references here. 

As an executive coach Josefine Campbell works on building on the strengths you already have. After a session, you should be more aware of your head and more equipped to handle the challenges you will face as a leader. Josefine Campbell practices a combination of pragmatic coaching and counseling combined with mental training and strategic thinking.

The session will always be adapted to you, your work and the challenges you face. You set the agenda, and we are therefore talking about what is yours. Josefine Campbell supports and challenges you in a safe and confidential space.

Executive Coaching approach

  • Starting from the challenges you have.
  • Practical approach to coaching so that you can get real results quickly and you can benefit from the coaching.
  • Coaching with expertise in innovation, management, business development, growth, balance and stress. That’s why you not only get coaching, but also expertise and advice.
  • Coaching is offered both online and offline, so we do not have to be in the same city to work together.

Talent and leadership development

My mission is to make it easy and interesting to be a good leader and become more effective not only by managing your time, priorities and people, but by controlling your energy level, thoughts and inner strength. Hence, I offer, inspirational speeches, management education and Executive Coaching 1-1 and for teams.

Executive Coaching

Strategy, leadership and leaders personal strengths are highly related, which is a premise that Josefine’s approach to exec. coaching relies on.

Josefine Campbell offers practical coaching and advisement combined with mental tactics you need in order to achieve the results you demand. The aim is to help you achieve more mental clarity, deal with leadership challenges that you are confronted with, and take your leadership skills to the next level. Josefine Campbell’s executive coaching builds on the strengths you already have. The sessions are always adapted to you, your work and the challenges you face. Josefine Campbell supports and challenges you in a safe and confidential environment where you set the agenda.

Professional approach to coaching

  • Based on the challenges you face
  • A practical approach founded in newest research
  • Informed coaching with expertise in leadership, organisational development, innovation and management.
  • Sessions are provided both online and offline. Therefore, your physical location is not important to the collaboration.
  • I follow the ICF ethical standards
  • I will be fully present with you during the sessions, so I can be aware of exactly that goes on inside you.

The future is already here, it is just unequally distributed”

William Gibson, author

As a leader in today’s world where everything is moving so fast and the world is changing rapidly, you have begun looking into the future. It’s not all rocket science. Future leadership is largely about people management; to listen, to have self-awareness and to motivate. When computers and algorithms will take over some of our management tasks, it is precisely the unique human qualities such as empathy and creativity that distinguish the people who can create value from those who can not.

My best scenario vision for the future is that companies create long-term value, that all leaders have a clear mind – and you wake up with energy every morning.”

Inspiration for leaders

We are  currently at a place in human development, where we are not yet in sync with the technology around us. Increased awareness of how to use your own and others’ energy can create noticeable results and a positive change.

Therefore, leaders of the future are leaders who know how to economise with the mental capacity of themselves and their employees. They provide a good framework for themselves and their employees to optimise their natural energy levels.

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