Better performance with meditation 

I spoke with meditation teacher, writer and martial arts master Henning Daverne about stress, meditation and good leadership. The most interesting thing about meditation is that it leads to better performance and stronger results for leaders which positively penetrates into their companies. Watch the video and learn more about meditation for leaders.

All leaders, no matter how big they are, need inspiration and guidance. Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jackson among many others have chosen to be guided by Ananda Giri, from One World Akademi. Ananda Giri is a Senior Meditation Teacher. I have talked to him about what our mental condition and what meditation means to us as leaders.

A short while ago I got an invite from meditation teacher, Henning Daverne and Coach, Thomas Rex to meet Ananda Giri. I could not say no to that. I have to admit it was a very strange experience. Fortunately, it was strange in the good way.

I talked to Ananda Giri about what a good leader is.