leadership on distance


Whether you work physically, virtually or hybrid, personal energy determines how well you thrive, perform, collaborate, lead and how efficient you are. In my coaching practice, I find that some people are better at keeping a responsible personal energy level than others. It is often quite unsaid, but there is almost an expectation that if you are to be found in a higher management level, you have to master how to keep a high personal energy level (we can discuss the fairness, but it is the reality many face). Hence, in this article you get a brief introduction to what it means to work with your personal energy in your work life and why it is extra important when working virtually or hybrid.

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Personal energy in the hybrid or remote workplace

It can be difficult to keep the energy up behind the screen. A virtual or hybrid working life requires a higher degree of personal commitment to your own well-being. Even if you have a manager who does an effort to know how the employees feel – it’s just harder to sense through a screen or when someone from the team is home while others are in the office.

An article from Harvard Business Review states that we can be hybrid competent. Hence that, they point that in addition, to a shift in power which the manager should be aware of equalizing, some employees are more hybrid competent than others and therefore better can manage working from home. When you are hybrid competent, you are (among other things):

                  • Proactive – which meaning gets access to information
                  • Good at building and maintaining trust and relationships and therefore also is better at it virtually.