Executive stress coaching and counselling

Are you feeling overwhelmed, tense, tired, unfocused and unable to relax? Let us change that together. The sooner you get the qualified help, the sooner you will get back on track. It is highly important to get the right help in order to avoid experiencing a serious neurological set back. 50% of those who take sick leave because of stress get back to work, but soon fall back into their stressful ways.

In addition to the perspective of corporate stress coaching in collaboration with an HR or a People Manager, I’ll align and ensure that you get the needed information about the condition of the employee, without breaking the confidentiality so that the company can plan the work, knowing what resources are available and which are not.

A leader shares her experience


As such, I did not feel stressed more than I used to, or more that I was to blame for the situation of relocation, new job and an education all at the same time. When we realized the stress symptoms, I realized that I had lived with many serious symptoms for a long time – and I learned in my meeting with Josefine that it was due to my robust personality. I felt that I had a handle on everything and steered my priorities with a steady hand, but I had to realize that I often forgot myself and that it was time to do something.

With Josefine I got an eye opener, and she made me look at some patterns in my life that needed a review and a change. It also occurred to me that my stress symptoms were serious and that I had neglected them for too long. To me, it was more about not having too much going on at the same time and doing it too fast, and about the healthy way of being bored and noticing and connecting a healthy head and a healthy body.

Josefine designed the coaching so that it suited my situation, and because she had many years of professional experience as a leader, specialist and entrepreneur, she was able to focus on the complexity of work and privacy, while giving specific advice to being a company manager and having to do with an organization.

Very quickly, Josefine found the cure, and helped me stick to the process so that I did not go back to the old patterns once the stress had gone away a little. To get insight you need to have a view, and the latter requires retention so you get the whole view.

I highly recommend Josefine – she is professional, sharp and because she knows what it takes, she can be hard in the gentle way.”

L. Storm.  Leader in the pharmaceutical industry.



Stress counseling is a good investment

The most expensive thing related to stress is not even the big expense of having stress-impaired people. The most expensive expense is mistakes, lost concentration and the poor decisions that stressed employees make. Stress attacks our cognitive center in the brain and it is especially bad for knowledge workers and executives.

The number of people who are living with stress continues to rise and as an enterprise, it costs a lot of human and financial resources when an employee has is stressed. A sick leave usually lasts between 3 and 6 months – and it takes time for the affected employee to come back and perform as before, if at all possible. But it does not have to go that far.

Daily executives bear great responsibility to detect alarm signals from employees – and the same applies to senior management in relation to day-to-day executives. Many will go a long way before accepting the symptoms of stress such as nervousness, irritation and cryability. Most often, stress management starts after physical or mental collapse, anxiety attack or depression. The sooner it gets settled, the less serious the situation of the individual employee or manager becomes – as well as for your business.

Acute stress?

If you or a colleague have already experienced stress, I’ll help you get through the process and back on track. Write an email or call Josefine on +45  26361199 for a conversation.

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