Coaching for leaders, talents, creatives, and other professionals

Josefine Campbell coaches leaders, talents, creatives and other professionals. Josefine is fluent in English, Spanish and Danish. She has lived in New York, Barcelona, and Copenhagen and has worked internationally all her life. With her expertise in leadership, you do not only receive coaching but you can also get advices.

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Strategy, leadership, and leaders’ personal strengths are interconnected. This provides a premise for Josefine Campbell’s area of expertise within coaching.

The topics, Josefine Campbell writes about are:

Executive coaching

I am very grateful for the coaching. It has helped me find clarity with the options I have and helped me realize how I really feel about those options. It has helped me pursue my goals with more focus and determination, and to prioritize.

David Gram, Senior Innovation Director, LEGO Group

The leaders who have worked with Josefine Campbell have had different challenges:

  • “My team do not collaborate well, and there is a low level of trust.”.
  • “The behavior and attitude in my team do not support the level of change that I wish to make.”.
  • “I have been seriously sick with stress and I am now worried about how to get back to work in a good way.”.
  • “On the surface, everything looks fine. But I don’t feel well.”.
  • “There is nothing wrong in particular. My work is challenging and I like to have a safe space, where I can think out loud, and discuss the decisions that I am making.”.


Through executive coaching and team development you will achieve:

  • An ability to see your leadership challenges with fresh eyes
  • A deeper self-awareness that makes you a more authentic leader
  • Increased performance
  • A stronger awareness and better conditions for making difficult decisions
  • Better well-being and stress-management
  • Better handling of intercultural collaborations
  • An ability to adapt to a new working life or manage changes.

Executive coaching and team development in a safe environment

We offer both remote and physical sessions. The conversations can be with focus on business, leadership and personal challenges, depending on what you would like to work with based on the specific challenges you face. It will all be held in a safe and confidential space.

Josefine Campbell’s coaching style can be described as and is based upon:

  • The challenges you or your team face
  • A practical approach founded in the latest research
  • Informed coaching with expertise in leadership
  • Flexibility, where sessions since 2016 are both offline and online
  • The International Coach Federation’s ethical standards
  • Full awareness and presence
  • Uplifting.

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