Strategy, leadership and leaders’ personal strengths are interconnected. This provides a premise for Josefine’s approach to executive coaching. Her coaching style can be described as and is based upon:

  • -The challenges you or your team face
  • -A practical approach founded in the latest research
  • -Informed coaching with expertise in leadership, organisational development, innovation and management
  • -Flexibility, where sessions are both offline and online. -Your physical location does not effect the collaboration.
  • -The International Coach Federation’s ethical standards
  • -Full awareness and presence

Adaptability to your needs. Be it duration or team vs individual coaching, a perspective to your context will always be maintained

“I am very grateful for the coaching. It has helped me find clarity with the options I have and helped me realize how I really feel about those options. It has helped me pursue my goals with more focus and determination, and to prioritize”.

David Gram, Senior Innovation Director, LEGO Group