Executive coaching

Strategy, leadership, and leaders’ personal strengths are interconnected. This provides a premise for Josefine Campbell’s approach to executive coaching.

I am very grateful for the coaching. It has helped me find clarity with the options I have and helped me realize how I really feel about those options. It has helped me pursue my goals with more focus and determination, and to prioritize

David Gram, Senior Innovation Director, LEGO Group

Josefine Campbell’s coaching style can be described as and is based upon:

  • The challenges you or your team face
  • A practical approach founded in the latest research
  • Informed coaching with expertise in leadership
  • Flexibility, where sessions since 2017 are both offline and online
  • The International Coach Federation’s ethical standards
  • Full awareness and presence

Talking, might be a nice experience but no real change is happening until you go out and test the strategies we identify in the sessions – in real life.

Josefine Campbell coaches leaders, talents, and other professionals 1-1 and facilitates team development.

My practice is rooted in science and many years of experience, but what I find most valuable is that I always keep an open mind, I never judge, and I have a talent for seeing people clearly. Sometimes I’ll offer my perspective and hypothesis, but always in respect of that the person in front of me is the expert on what will work best for him/her. The very premise of coaching is, that I might be an expert on leadership, but you are an expert on your situation. I will challenge you and ask you questions to make you explore new perspectives and possible actions, which you can test and try out in real life.