Executive Coaching with tangible results

Josefine Campbell’s coaching is for leaders who want to be driven to perform at their best. The coaching is provided for both organizations and individuals.

Strategy, leadership and leaders personal strengths are highly related, which is a premise that Josefine’s approach to exec. coaching relies on.

Josefine Campbell offers practical coaching and advisement combined with mental tactics you need in order to achieve the results you demand. The aim is to help you achieve more mental clarity, deal with leadership challenges that you are confronted with, and take your leadership skills to the next level. Josefine Campbell’s executive coaching builds on the strengths you already have. The sessions are always adapted to you, your work and the challenges you face. Josefine Campbell supports and challenges you in a safe and confidential environment where you set the agenda.

Professional approach

  • Based on the challenges you face
  • A practical approach founded in newest research
  • Informed coaching with expertise in leadership, organisational development, innovation, management, business development, growth, balance and stress. That’s why you not only get coaching but also expertise and advisement when needed.
  • Sessions are provided both online and offline. Therefore, your physical location is not important to the collaboration.

“I am very grateful for the coaching. It has helped me find clarity with the options I have and helped me realize how I really feel about those options. It has helped me pursue my goals with more focus and determination, and to prioritize”.

David Gram, Senior Innovation Director, LEGO Group