Become more balanced through executive coaching with wearables

Coaching with wearables with the Apple watch, Spire and Oura can be combined with coaching to capture data on the state of your mind, to build resilience and self-awareness and to manage your stress.

Do you need a tangible practice on how to manage stress, stay calm and increase your body intelligence?

Sometimes making the intangible tangible makes all the difference. Spire, Apple watch, Oura ring and Spire health tag etc. are small, unobtrusive wearable devices that measure respiration, the state of mind and sleep quality, and provide real-time feedback, outcomes, and engagement between sessions. Using wearables evidence-based algorithms turn physiological trends into meaningful insights for treating issues related to stress and distraction.

Connecting the data to your calendar gives us data about the situations where you are tense or focused. For example, there might be certain kinds of meetings that make you more anxious than others. We can apply practical strategies for how to deal with that tension in more constructive ways. Further, your breath is fuel for your body, the #1 indicator of your mindset, and potentially in your control. By using wearables, we can also boost your mental training to help you with meditation and mindfulness practices.

I have had success coaching both online and offline, so your location does not hinder whether or not we can work together. I always the customise coaching process to the individual situation and need.

Discuss the right scope for you:

“The combination of executive coaching with Josefine and the use of the Spire tracker has been a powerful combination. Using the Spire, I could see which situations I should focus on in coaching sessions, which led to an improvement in my performance and overall wellbeing as well as the ability to uncover blind spots. Josefine has been able to integrate the data into our conversation at precisely the right time.”

Nick Black, President at Cloudemade