Lars Arnoldsen, Corporate Vice President, Novo Nordisk A/S

I had the pleasure to work with Josefine in 2018 where she had been coaching three of my colleagues. I noticed how Josefine managed to create a change in the behaviour of the individuals, which had been beyond my expectations. It should also be noted that the same great result was obtained across different nationalities and in some cases at a distance. I have greatly appreciated the results obtained from Josefine’s coaching.

David Gram, Senior Innovation Director, LEGO Group.

​”I am very grateful for what I received. It helped me to clarify the opportunities I have and how I really feel about it. Basically, it has helped me pursue some things with more focus and place others at a lower priority.”

Helle Damsgård, Programchef, Ledernes Kompetencecenter

​”Josefine is a dedicated teacher who creates a high intensity in the classroom. She is able to engage the participants and provide them with new knowledge and practical tools so leaving them inspired about innovation and with specific gains in knowledge. In addition, Josefine is pleasant to work with, generous with her time and commitment and always has a positive and pragmatic approach.”

Kristian Eiberg, Direktør, Relations People

“As a speaker at a conference, I have experienced Josefine as a lively and professional chairman. She had taken a close look at the professional content and the organiser’s wishes, so she can tie the various entries together in a smooth course – for the benefit of both organisers, speakers and listeners.”

Kristian Eiberg, Direktør, Relations People

“We hired Josefine Campbell to ADVISE us in defining our global draught beer strategy and it will certainly not be the last time we seek consultancy from her. Deliverables were spot on brief, but we got much more than that because of her very untraditional approach to any given task – we gained a lot of insights and got several new ideas for our tool box. We rolled out the new strategy in May 2012 and the response from the field was very positive”

Lena Storm CEO & COO, Amneal Nordic

​”Josefine’s strength lies in her many years of professional experience as a leader, specialist and entrepreneur, and enables her to quickly focus on the complexity between work and privacy, while providing specific advice in relation to being a company leader and to work with organizations . That way, you get a tailor-made cooperation”

Claus Skytte, Forfatter og foredragsholder. Tidl. direktør i WeLovePeople

“Josefine held a lecture for our management team (We Love People). We had a good discussion derived from the presentation. It was informative, inspiring and gave us things to consider for our further development.”

Rasmus Vincentz, Selvstændig Konsulent

​”Josefine is a talented and empathetic coach. She was especially good at helping me work around the challenges in my situation and to set a plan for how to navigate through them. It was a big advantage for me to get that cooperation. I give Josefine my warmest recommendations.”

Mette Lise Jensen, Kontorchef, Miljøstyrelsen.

”As chairman of the Environment Ministry’s conference on cradle-to-cradle, Josefine Campbell created a good atmosphere that gave room for involvement and commitment from the participants. She was professional and well-informed. Because of her knowledge, she could manage the debate so that it covered the most relevant areas and key topics.”

Kristian Dammand Nielsen, Afdelingschef, FORCE Technology

”In the beginning of 2013, I hired Josefine Campbell to be the facilitator of the Environment Ministry’s Conference on Waste Prevention and Recycling in the Textile Industry. We needed a person who could both create a creative space for idea development and at the same time ensure that a close-up program was done according to the plan with many committed participants and speakers. Josefine Campbell was the right person and she made sure that we had a good conference and a very good result.”

Thorbjorg, Author and Speaker

​”Josefine does not only come up with the good ideas. She has this great imagination and visualization talent called creativity, which is one of her top 5 forces btw, and then she makes it happen. Another one is, that she laughs a lot. My work with Josefine has been, and still is, based on a good plan, enthusiasm, thrust and “arbejdsglæde” wich is a danish word expressing the joy of work. Yes, we actually have a word for that in Scandinavia. And that is what you get working with Josefine. Enjoying the process on the way to success. That´s what I´m doing.”

Claus Steen Madsen, Direktør for Teknik, Udvikling og Kultur i Kalundborg Kommune 2009

​”Josefine Campbell has with confidence contributed to the development of a strategy for the Symbiosis in Kalundborg. It was all about a well-organized process for involving relevant stakeholders whose various approaches were put in play at a good and creative manor. Josefine Campbell helped move the Kalundborg symbiosis from engineering to being a political project focusing on bottom line and production conditions. Symbiosis as a tool for business development and attractiveness of businesses was put on the national political agenda.The same approach was applied to Kalundborg Harbor – in connection with the development of a sustainability concept for Denmark’s third largest industrial port, with significant amount of cruise ships. The interest understanding and dynamics of the concept development process are characteristic of Josefine Campbell.“

Kenneth, VP of Finance at Carlsberg.

“Josefine makes me realised that every one of us are so unique and you cannot be a great leader just by learning the theories and business cases like any other ordinary coaches would do. It is through a series of self-reflection that allows you to pick the perfect formula for yourself and one that it will benefit for your whole life. I wouldn’t imagine taking a leadership course can be this interesting before I met Josefine.”