Experienced facilitator, moderator and hostess

Josefine Campbell is an experienced moderator and hostess with a background in business. She has experience from both the private and the public sector, where she has worked as an advisor for many years. During that time, she has facilitated many conferences and events, amongst other things, for the Ministry of Environment, Agrotech, Copenhagen Business School, Samsung and Worldwatch Institute.

Her style as a facilitator and hostess is characterized by professional sharpness, creativity, her big smile, high energy and great cooperation with the customer where she generously provides insight about the efficient construction of the event’s flow.


“As facilitator for the Environment Ministry’s conference on cradle-to-cradle, Josefine Campbell created a good atmosphere that gave room for involvement and commitment from the participants. She was professional and well-informed. Because of her knowledge, she could manage the debate so that it covered the most relevant areas and key topics.”
Mette Lise Jensen, Office Manager, Environmental Protection Agency