Inspirational speech: Are you clear, or are you hooked? Going agile as a mindset

This speech on going agile as a mindset, is based on scientific research and on Josefine Campbell’s experience as a martial art champion and executive coach. This talk shares engaging examples from an organisational, a leadership and an individual perspective.

What you’ll get

  • A story from the world of martial art from the time when Josefine was the Danish Champion in Jiu Jitsu.
  • New perspectives on leading oneself and others in todays complex business environment.
  • Three strategies for agile leadership, for everyone
    • Netflix’s Chaos Monkey
    • Strategic storytelling
    • A clear mind

Read Josefines article on what agility means in its many senses and what it means to leadership and innovation

Experienced inspirational speaker

Josefine Campbell (Cand merc. kom) has +10 years og experience as an inspirational speaker. With her you will get:

  • Energy
  • Presence
  • An international outlook
  • Reflections and techniques to bring home

Josefine has a unique ability to sense what the audience in room needs.

Jannie Aasted, HR Consultant, Novo Nordisk

About this inspirational speech: What others say

Here is some of the immediate feedback that Josefine received from her latest inspirational speech on agile leadership at The Danish Managements Association (Lederne) conference on Agility in Leadership.

Josefine Campbell – thank you so much for your help at todays conference. The conference was extremely successful and the participant were left with actionable tools and insights from relevant cases from large Danish companies. Insights into how leader’s mindset should be equipped to deal with the leadership role of the future. Well done!

Jan Carlsen, COO Berendsen & Local chairman of ‘Lederne’

Thank you very much for a fantastically inspiring speech today – I hope that one day I am qualified enough for a one-on-one coaching session with you. I walked away with great inspiration to stubbornly continue my agile leadership approach with my competent and self-managed team trapped in a not so agile organization.

Anne Ebbensgaard, participant

Hi Josefine. Thank your very much for an inspiring speech with Lederne today. Fantastic story telling and energy you radiate from the stage.

Marianne Becker Rousing

Thank you for an excellent speech in todays Agile workgroup. I could not help but to smile and agree with you story about the sweaty Tatami mats and you mental readiness in relation to your titel defence. I have a history in Jiu Jitsu myself although quite a few years before you.

Michael Jack Truelsen, participant

I participated in the Agile Leadership conference. I know that I am not the first to tell you this but Wow you are a skillful communicator! You speak with your entire body and is so well-balanced. That takes practice, inner calmness and balance. Very inspirational and congratulations with your success.

Keld Ringgaard, participant

Thank you for a great speech at the Agile Leadership conference in Aarhus yesterday. Very brave to lead out with the breathing exercise. I sat in the middle of the audience and I could feel how the whole crowd “landed” and became much more present. I am thinking of the great results should all speeches start like that!

Charlotte Lundgren, participant