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Develop yourself and your people, increase energy levels and improve your leadership with an inspirational and motivational speech from Josefine Campbell. Josefine has given hundreds of speeches to many different organisations, both public and private, big and small. She has the ability to deliver a message in a context that is relevant for the audience and can create a feeling of engagement, inspiration and presence. In every speech, there are sequences for reflection and engagement, individually or in groups.

Below you can read about the inspirational speeches available on different relevant topics. Speeches are offered in English, Spanish and Danish.

Request on speeches

You are welcome to request specific customised inspirational speeches. You also have the opportunity to combine it with a workshop.

Stress Management

Are you looking for a way to cope with stress? Do you want to strengthen robustness? This inspirational speech will tell you how.

Digitally conscious

This speech focuses on how to obtain better technology habits and how to make conscious decisions with the aim of improving productivity and high performance

Agile Leadership

Do you want to be agile and strengthen your innovative mindset as a leader? Do you want to embrace and inspire a more innovative, customer centric and digital approach within the organisation or your team? This speech focuses on reaching those goals.

Personal Energy Management

Do you want an extraordinary career? Good news! It is within your grasp, but you need mental clarity and the focus to achieve it. This speech strives to increase focus and work ideally with your mental resources and personal energy level.

Strengthen the power within

Do you want to become a better version of yourself professionally and personally while taking your leadership skills to the next level? This inspirational speech focuses on how you can do this.

What others say

Josefine Campbell – thank you so much for your help at today’s conference. The conference was extremely successful and the participants were left with actionable tools and insights from relevant cases from large Danish companies. Insights into how leader’s mindset should be equipped to deal with the leadership role of the future. Well done!

Jan Carlsen, COO Berendsen & Local chairman of ‘Lederne’

Thank you very much for a fantastic and inspiring speech today – I hope that one day I am qualified enough for a one-on-one coaching session with you. I walked away with great inspiration to stubbornly continue my agile leadership approach with my competent and self-managed team trapped in a not so agile organisation.

Anne Ebbensgaard, participant

Hi Josefine. Thank you very much for an inspiring speech with Lederne today. Your storytelling is fantastic as is the energy you radiate from the stage.

Marianne Becker Rousing

Thank you for an excellent speech in today’s Agile workgroup. I could not help but to smile and agree with your story about the sweaty Tatami mats and your mental readiness in relation to your title defence. I have a history in Jiu Jitsu myself although quite a few years before you.

Michael Jack Truelsen, participant

I participated in the Agile Leadership conference. I know that I am not the first to tell you this but, wow (!) you are such a skilful communicator! You speak with your entire body and are so well-balanced. That takes practice, inner calmness and balance. Very inspirational and much congratulations on all your success.

Keld Ringgaard, participant

Thank you for a great speech at the Agile Leadership conference in Aarhus yesterday. Very brave to lead with a breathing exercise. I sat in the middle of the audience and I could feel how the whole crowd “landed” and became much more present. I am still thinking about the great results and that all speeches should start like that!

Charlotte Lundgren, participant