Josefine Campbell, Executive coach (Cand. merc. com) has 20 years of work experience and a background as a quadruple Danish champion in jiu jitsu.

Throughout my working life, I have followed my curiosity and fought for what I was passionate about. I have always done what I thought was right, even if it was unconventional. Visit my blog to get inspiration about new trends in management.

“Josefine is an excellent coach leading you towards insight and clarity on development areas. She is in a respectful manner pushing you towards incremental development activities and follow through in the sessions.”.

Helle Hvid, Director at Novo Nordisk

I help leaders, companies and employees to unleash potential and become stronger versions of themselves through coaching and inspirational talks. My coaching approach combines the practical with the pragmatic and is focused within the corners of the triangle that you see on the image, business, personal, leadership development. By focusing on developing your strengths, I help you create positive change and become a better leader. Your skills, qualities and mental energy determine the amount you can accomplish and the type of value you can create both privately and professionally. Leaders have a major impact on the performance of their organisation. Strong leaders will strengthen their workers and lend to the development of their skills. As a result, the company will be stronger as a whole. When managers aren’t able to meet their goals, it is often due to people challenges rather than a lack of technical or business skills. People management and personal development have proven to be imperative to the success of any growing entity. My expertise in leadership coaching, strategy, people management and personal development can strengthen your leadership. Get in touch today.

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A good investment

Leaders with a surplus of energy can make a significant difference to the results of any company. Therefore, it is a worthwhile investment for leaders to maintain their stamina and enthusiasm. With all the fast changes in the world today, humans have not yet developed to where we are in sync with the speed of technological change. Increased awareness of how to tap into our own energy and the energy of our surroundings can help create noticeable results and positive change. In the modern working life, leaders of today and tomorrow will be challenged by demands, stress, competition and new technology. Old-fashioned methods cannot be used to solve new challenges. Further, clinging to old beliefs will not help us rise to the occasion. We must evolve our leadership styles to get the results we want. Leaders of the future know how to utilise their full mental capacity to engage the capacity of their employees. These leaders can provide the necessary framework for themselves and their environment to optimise their natural energy levels. Eliminate your challenges and unleash your leadership potential, contact Executive Coach Josefine Campbell to get the results you want.