Good management in high-performance environments

We are constantly updating software on our smartphones. Imagine your brain as a computer that can be upgraded. As you grow your awareness, you get a stronger operating system that can handle heavier programs and more graphics. A software update is the metaphor we use to explain conscious management. Conscious management is a way of good management, especially in high performance environments.

We must be ready to handle complexity

At all times, we have learned to simplify communication, strategies and what we do. Simplicity has been a norm in many companies and among many gurus. We have learned that we need to focus on one thing at a time instead of spreading ourselves too thin. Yet, if you ask Management Expert, Maiken Piil,  her answer is the opposite. You need to increase your complexity because you live in a complex world – and you should be able to address it.

In the video above Maiken and I talk about what conscious management is and why the answer to complexity is to increase the complexity of the brain to increase performance. The video is in English.

Basically, the video is about how we as leaders can maintain a stable level of high performance in the complex world in which we live.

Maiken Piil is a Management Expert and Coach. She is the initiator and leader of Movement for Conscious Leadership in Denmark, which I have translated into conscious leadership in this article.

3 steps to conscious leadership

I asked Maiken for three steps for conscious leadership, but it could not be done despite the fact that we tried to simplify knowledge down to easily digestible steps or advice suitable to social media. By nature, it just cannot be done; not everything can be simplified. So you wil not get three steps to conscious leadership here. Conscious management is just something you have to work with.

The road is not the same for everyone since there are different things preventing us from seeing clearly. Being present and upgrading our brain to a higher level of complexity can help us gain clarity.

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