Stress at work is related to too much adrenaline

Did you know that there is a risk that you and your co-workers have a high level of stress? The stress hormone is called adrenaline – and affects your behavior, your decisions and what you are capable of as a business. Too much adrenaline is not good and can have a negative effect. In the video, I talk about adrenaline and how it relates to stress.

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25% of employees are stressed in high performance environments

Today, it is not abnormal in high performance environments that 25% of employees are stressed and that adrenaline levels are high. You do not have to feel stressed to be stressed. Often, they are not aware of their stress symptoms. It is quite normal that one may not feel stressed while they actually are. This is due to a survival mechanism, but it nevertheless affects company performance. If you are in middle management or unemployed, there is an even greater chance that you are stressed.

Stress is an unprecedented response to ensure our survival

Actually, the stress response was meant to enable us to run from a bear or get the strength to defeat our opponents from another tribe who would steal our children.

In the modern life, the stress hormone gets activated in many situations, like when you feel unsafe. It can also happenswhen there is a change in companies or when someone tries to take a new area of responsibility or overthrow the agenda.

The feeling of being threatened activates the amygdala in our brain, which sends messages to the adrenal gland that starts producing the warrior hormone adrenaline. Adrenaline is then spread into the body and creates various physical, mental and mental responses that interfere with the quality of work and leadership decision-making abilities.

The modern leader should not be high with adrenaline at work

In the vast majority of cases, it is not constructive for a modern leader to be high on adrenaline. This is the same for a knowledge officer. In the short run, it can increase focus and provide a kick of energy, but it does not make you wiser and it actually reduces your ability to see things from several perspectives. Lastly, it deprives you of your own energy reserves.

The only cure for adrenaline is time, calmness and care. Counting to ten and slowing down will help one’s brain work optimally again.

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