You are working. Time flies by and suddenly you discover that you are hungry. You have actually forgotten to eat. Sometimes it’s also like that with your breathing. You forget to breathe properly. There may be things that make your breathing tense. A tense leader, is not a good leader. It is important to pay attention to breathing deeply, which gives oxygen to the brain and makes your muscles relax. This little gadget from Spire helps remind me.


What does the gadget “Spire” do for me

For a long time I have trained myself to be outrageously aware of my breathing and my body. I have, because I know it increases my energy, happiness, intelligence and quality. It also gives me the opportunity to become a better leader. Still, I can lose myself in my work and forget to breathe. When it happens to me, I feel a little vibration at my chest because in my bra I carry the little gadget that measures my breathing. It also gives me a small signal if I have been tense. This makes me more aware and relaxed. It allows me to get back to the stage where I am a good leader again.

The best part is when I see the curve for my day. I can see how calm I can be while I work. Even when I teach a whole group of leaders in leadership development – and especially when I coach in how to be a good leader. My little gadget tells me how many minutes a day I’m calm / tense, active / inactive or focused / unfocused.

One of the things I’ve learned using the little gadget is when I’m most calm. It may be while I’m working. Another thing I get out of it is that I get a warning when I’m getting tense. With this little warning, I become aware and can start to unwind. It only takes a second, and with a very small tool, I can therefore get better at seeing my own management development, and therefore keep developing as a good leader should.

A trip to San Fransisco

I’ve been thinking about passing on my good experiences to my coaching clients, so I’ve taken some extra gadgets home from the US, which I can lend to my clients, thus we have another tool for creating leadership development.

Neema is a PhD from Standford University. His PhD is about the impact of breathing on human performance and how we can use technology to improve our performance. You can see his TEDtalk here.

Based on Neemas PhD. Neema has co-founded one of the hottest startups in San Francisco. It’s the ones who make the little gadget I have in my bra. It’s called Spire. You can see how it works here.

If you think it sounds very exciting, but you do not wear a bra, you would be happy to hear that you can put it in the waistband of your trousers.

Last week, when I was attending a conference in San Francisco, I met Neema from Spire. He is a very clever and good guy. Since I’m quite excited about my Spire and I know how hard it is to build a startup, I also want it to be good. Therefore, I shared my experiences with the product with them including my little accident. I’ve only had a small unfortunate experience with Spire. Everything else about it is amazing. You can see what Neema said about it in the video.

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