Business Model Canvas by Alexander Östewalder and Yves Pigneurs. It’s a good tool to get an understanding of how to disrupt its business and innovate. Here’s a review of it.

Business Model Canvas can help you

We know that we need to be sharp and agile to be competitive. Nevertheless, far too many strategy and innovation processes are slow and heavy. Too many will not matter when it’s over. Not because the idea was not good, but because the process and the machine were too heavy. It all drowns in talk and politics.

Therefore, I propose that you become a little more practical and action oriented when you are going to work with disruption. Put a large piece of paper on the wall with sticky tape or use a flip over. Get up. Take the Post Its in your hand and start drawing your business model in a Business Model Canvas. You use Post Its to fill the boxes – and then replace them with other items. For example, one partnership can be replaced with another.

Business Model Canvas is a practical model that shows the system that creates, builds and maintains value in a business. All professional groups can use it and share the conversation of how we create value, both today and in the future.

I have used the model with great success in both large-scale companies such as Aller Media, medium-sized companies such as Saxo and also in startups. At CBS, I have taught the students for several years and many have returned that it was the best session they remember after they finished.

The model was developed by Ives Pingneur and Alexander Osterwalder. You will find the model and many more good examples in their book: Business Model Canvas. I introduce the model in this video and have also translated the canvas into Danish, and you can get a file from me if you write to and ask for it.

I give lectures, coaches, counsels and teaches. My vision is that organizations create long-term value, that all leaders have a clear mind – and you wake up with energy every morning.

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