Find out how we can get more effective meetings. There is nothing as frustrating as ineffective meetings. We all know the feeling. The meeting is being hijacked by a person with a big mouth who is most keen on hearing himself speak. You do not get to do what was planned. Frustrated, you split up without making any decisions, and you have to spend time again talking about the matter.

Silence results in morge effective meetings

There is always someone who talks more than others. Someone talks so much (and is so busy thinking about what they themselves should say) that they do not hear what others say. It does not result in much.

Now it’s not like I’m against talking. But I think it’s important that we give room for silence – even when we’re together and when we’re going to do something. As a leader you can use silence as an intelligent tool to facilitate meetings.

​​When somebody dies or a terrible catastrophe happens, we can gather in silence to remember. This conscious silence gives a special sense of being connected. It takes this much for us to use the power of silence consciously.

Deliberate silence

At meetings, deliberate silence does more than connecting us. It also gives time for reflection and a sharper focus. This means that you can actually make decisions at the meeting, and everyone will be much more satisfied as a result of that.

Bastian Overgaard is a silence expert and teaches managers in using the agreed and planned silence to get more effective meetings. It’s a technique that gives peace, respect and presence between meeting participants, while giving the brain a necessary break, so decision-making can go faster.

How are you feeling about silent? Is it something you could use as a tool at your meetings to create more efficiency?

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